Diane, a New and “Pivotal” Female Character is Now Entering Twin Peaks

You're gonna have Big Love for the casting too!
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From Log Lady to Audrey Horne, there are plenty of fascinating female characters in the Twin Peaks universe. And one more is coming our way, thanks to a cherry pie-sized slice of casting news from TVLine!

*Commence slow-motion dance party.*

According to TVLine, Amanda Seyfried has been cast in the Twin Peaks revival. The part the actress, whom you may have last seen on TV in Big Love, is playing is, like many things with Twin Peaks (at least if David Lynch can help it), still a mystery. But as any good fan would, TVLine is already speculating that this character could be Special Agent Dale Cooper’s daughter by way of Annie. After all, Seyfried is supposedly playing “a pivotal new character” and will apparently feature in a number of episodes.

Personally, as someone who has always shipped Audrey and Dale, I’m not really into the Annie’s daughter theory. But I am into the idea that Seyfried’s playing a new character entirely, perhaps one who takes on the role that Dale took on in the first season of the show, taking in Twin Peaks, the place, for the first time and learning its dark, dastardly secrets. It’s about time we got a new female agent on that show, right? (Veronica Mars would be so proud of her Laura Palmer Lily Kane!) I’d also be okay with her being the daughter of Log Lady. Because Log Lady forever.

Either way, welcome to Twin Peaks, Amanda! Prepare for all things wonderful and strange. And stay away from anyone who goes by B.O.B. You’ll thank me later.


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