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Surprising No One, Danny DeVito Knows Nothing About Pokémon

The Gang Catches 'em All

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Not too long ago, the internet did its best to get Nintendo to hire Danny DeVito to be the voice of Pikachu in Detective Pikachu, which is a game that features the little yellow rodent in the role of (you guessed it) a detective, Case Closed-style. It went so far as to fire up a petition that reached a little more than 48,000 signatures, just a little short of its 50,000 signature goal. Unfortunately, that petition might have fallen on deaf ears, because during a panel discussion with the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast, DeVito was asked if he would ever take on that role if it was offered to him. His answer?

Cue sad face.

To be completely honest, I’m not surprised one bit that DeVito doesn’t know about Pokémon. At the time of its premiere, he was full-swing into the post-Space Jam/Hercules/Mars Attacks! portion of his movie career. And frankly, he’s a busy man. When is this guy not working, I wonder? All that being said…

… you gotta think, maybe he’s just a secret Pokémon fan. Like, between takes on the set of Always Sunny, he’ll retire to his trailer, put on an Ash Ketchum cap and fingerless gloves, then bust out his 3DS to complete his Pokédex. Then, when he’s due back on set, he takes it all off with a heavy sigh, stuffing it all deep into a safe hidden in the bulkhead, and come back out. Yeah. I like this headcanon.

Anyway, we all kinda knew that he wasn’t going to voice Pikachu, right? I mean… right, y’all?

(via Polygon)

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