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Deucy, World’s Newest Two-Faced Cat, Poised to Take Internet by Storm

Deucy, a cat born with two faces, seems otherwise healthy and will probably have her own YouTube Channel before the week is out.


Full disclosure, folks: I’m a sucker for cats with deformities — whether it’s polydactyl cats with big mitteny hands or just snaggle-toothed felines suffering a bit of overbite — because things that are a little broken can be really adorable. Considering Lil Bub’s popularity, I’m not alone in thinking a little birth defect can really lend a cat some character. If that’s true, then Bub should watch her back, because Deucy, a two-faced cat born in Oregon this week is just MELTING MY DANG HEART, YOU GUYS. Look at her cute little faces!

Deucy is a what’s known as a Janus cat, born with one body and two faces. Though not unheard of, the mutation that causes the condition, known as diprosopus, is exceedingly rare. Even more rare is seeing a Janus cat without any other congenital ailments that could threaten its life — after all, this is a pretty severe mutation, and those can travel in packs. According to vets, though, Deucy seems as healthy as any other kitten — she just has a little more face on her face than is standard.

One of three kittens in her litter, Deucy was rejected by her mother and is now being cared for by her family, who keep her snuggled up in a dresser drawer and feed her using a syringe. Here’s hoping Deucy’s prognosis stays good and we all get to watch her practically inevitable rise to Internet stardom. You should probably share this link on Facebook and Twitter now, so you have a record that you knew Deucy before she was cool.

(via OregonLive)

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