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The Destroyer Soundtrack Is Here to Tear at Our Heartstrings

The Destroyer soundtrack will emotionally wreck you just like the movie.

Nicole Kidman deserves all the praise she’s getting for her latest picture, Destroyer. The story of Erin Bell and her search for redemption, the film shows the devastation that guilt can have on a person. Erin is an LAPD detective, investigating a murder and its connection back to a case she worked on 16 years prior with an agent named Chris (Sebastian Stan).

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The two infiltrate a bank robbing gang, trying to find a way to stop them while remaining undercover. Nicole Kidman gives the performance of a lifetime as Erin, flashing back and forth between her life now and then as she struggles with what happened and 16 years ago, when she and Chris were part of the gang.

The flashbacks show the strength that Erin has taken on, adapting to the changes in her life and growing as a detective. She’s hardened and determined, and through her struggles, she’s trying to find the inner peace she’s longed for since everything that happened when she first went undercover.

The movie’s not out until December 25th (in select cities), but the soundtrack was released on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon if you want to get an early taste of its emotional core.

Theodore Shapiro created the beautiful score that tells the story of Erin Bell and her search for answers. It’s a perfect mix of the anxiety of the film, having you on the edge of your seat, and waiting for the other shoe to drop, as well as contrasting it with beautiful moments of serenity and peace for Erin.

It’s wonderful compliment to an incredible milestone in movie history. Karyn Kusama directed an incredible story—one that we’re going to be talking about for quite some time. We’ll have a full review of the movie itself next month, with more news and updates on the cast, crew, and release of Destroyer.

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