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It’s Almost Minion Time Again With the ‘Despicable Me 4’ Trailer and Super Bowl Ad!

Two Minions laughing at a third Minion stuck in a vending machine

Maybe you love Minions or maybe you hate them, but there’s no denying they’re a box office draw. And while they’re not actually the main characters of Illumination’s Despicable Me franchise (there’s a spinoff franchise for that), they’ll be back for the upcoming, almost guaranteed success of Despicable Me 4.

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The trailer was released by Illumination Studios on Jan 28, 2024 and you can check it out below. It’s full of Minion butt-slapping action and features many scenes that are bound to become reaction gifs on social media in the months to come.

As part of the Super Bowl celebration, fans were also gifted the Minions up to their antics in a Big Game Spot that has them as AI, creating some interesting images. Like Steve Carell and Will Ferrell as “comic royalty” and two people riding around on dogs.

“The future is in good hands,” the ad says and reminds us all that the trailer for Despicable Me 4 is out now!

This installment will be co-directed by Chris Renaud and Patrick Delage, with a script from Mike White. Chris Meledandri, the man who created Illumination Studios back in 2007, will produce, with Steve Carrell returning as the not-so-despicable reformed supervillain Gru, and Kristen Wiig back as his wife Lucy Wilde. Pierre Coffin will be voice all of the Minions, because it wouldn’t be a Despicable Me movie without him, and Steve Coogan will return as Silas Ramsbottom.

Miranda Cosgrove will play the oldest of Gru and Lucy’s adopted daughters, Margo, just as she did in the last three movies. Dana Gaier is likewise returning as middle daughter Edith. Only Agnes, the youngest kid, has been recast—she’ll now be played by Madison Polan.

What about the villains? You can’t have a Despicable Me film without a big-name actor playing a villain, and this time around we’ve got two. These are Maxime Le Mal, voiced by Will Ferrell, and Valentina, voiced by Sofia Vergara.

We’ve also got Joey King as Poppy—King introduced both Poppy and her cat in an Instagram clip after the trailer dropped—and Steven Colbert and Chloe Fineman as currently unknown characters.

One person who won’t be in the cast is Russell Brand. He played Dr. Nefario in three Despicable Me/Minions movies but he’s currently facing multiple sexual assault allegations and his acting career is essentially over.

What’s the plot of Despicable Me 4?

Carrell has you covered in terms of plot details. In a June 2022 interview with Digital Spy, he revealed that he’d already started recording his lines for the movie and shared a little tease of the storyline:

“It’s a continuation of the story. Gru and Lucy are married; they’re a family at this point. It’s the next step in their world with the Anti-Villain League and how their kids are included in the whole process. It’s the most logical next step in the continuation of their story as a family together.”

But that family is going to include one new member. Gru and Lucy are parents to a baby boy now! He’s called Gru Jr. (of course) and if the trailer is anything to go by Gru Snr will be facing a test of his parenting skills as the supervillain shenanigans continue. We also see what appears to be Gru, Gru Jr. and Poppy going on a dangerous heist that involves a honey badger. (Gru Jr. has it covered, don’t worry.)

What is the release date for Despicable Me 4?

Back in February 2022, Illumination Studios set the release date for the movie: July 3, 2024. So, get ready for some family-friendly Minions mayhem on that day. Cosplay is optional but highly recommended.

(featured image: Illumination Studios)

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