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Denzel Turns Himself into a Weapon of Vengeance in The Equalizer II Trailer

Why is Denzel Washington so cool? Even at the age of 63, the two time Oscar Winner manages to sell being a bad ass in Equalizer 2, which is the first sequel of his career.

In usual action-movie style, the death of a woman, in this case, his friend, Susan Plummer played by Melissa Leto, is killed when the agency they are working for decides to clean house.

At this point in his career, Denzel always seems like Denzel, even when he is supposed to be the cool, yet deadly,  Robert McCall, but that is part of what makes it interesting to watch. It helps that the sequence of McCall taking down people is paired with Pulitzer Prize-winning artist, Kendrick Lamar’s legendary “Backstreet Freestyle.”

Still, I’m disappointed that the main motivation for this character is fridging a woman. I mean, can we get just a little bit more creative than that guys? Men can be in danger too. Men can avenge their male friends.

Also, before anyone goes “Why is this gun violence okay and not Death Wish?” Only speaking for myself, I personally don’t have any issue with gun-fu movies or action films with violence. It was the larger context and way that Death Wish framed it’s “hero” that was a problem, at least for me.

Denzel will be back in action July 20th.

(via, image: Sony)

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