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Dear Jessica Chastain, Here Are Our “Bond Boy” Choices

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Actress Jessica Chastain put out a call on Twitter asking who we’d cast as a “Bond Boy” type in a female-led action move. She was asking “for a friend.” Well, Jessica Chastain’s “friend,” we have some answers for you.

Marwan Kenzari

The Dutch-Tunisian actor took the Internet by storm after he was dubbed “Hot Jafar” for his role in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Aladdin live-action adaptation. While Bond Girls are sometimes big movie stars, they tend to be a lesser-known face. Kenzari is at a level of stardom that seems perfect to be launched into the stratosphere.

Harry Shum, Jr.

The only Shadowhunter we care about, and a blink-and-you-miss-cameo in Crazy Rich Asians (that speaks to sequel possibilities), former Glee actor Shum has the look as well as the on-screen magnetism to make his “Bond Boy” pop. He exudes mischievously self-assured energy; viewers of Glee know that he also has some sweet dance moves. Shum is ready to accompany Lady Bond to an international gala in black tie.

John Boyega

Boyega is already an action hero many times over, plus he comes equipped with boundless charm and a British accent. He has devoted fanbase all his own, as well as an excellent history of supporting strong female heroes. We’d love to see him at the center of a romance, where he deserves to be.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The once (and hopefully future?) Quicksilver proved he has action-movie chops in Marvel films, Kick-Ass, and battling alongside Chris Pine in Outlaw King. Like Boyega, Taylor-Johnson comes primed with an authentic British accent, and he brings winking charisma to his roles.


The replies to Chastain on Twitter also have some fantastic suggestions. Sexiest Man Alive—and long-begged-for-Bond—Idris Elba reoccurs here frequently; the idea seems to be that if we’re not going to get Elba’s Bond, why not get Elba’s Bond Boy? Here are some other favorites:

Better yet, let’s queer this joint.

Clearly this abundance of perfect Bond Boys means that we need Chastain’s female action ensemble to become a franchise that spans as many movies as James Bond. Chastain is currently at work on the spy movie 355, with the superstar cast of Lupita Nyong’o, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, and Fan Bingbing joining Chastain. But it seems as though the “eye candy” role has yet to be cast.

In terms of self-casting, we approve this one 100%.

(via Twitter, image: FilmNation Entertainment/screengrab)

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