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Despite a Troubled Production, the Swamp Thing Trailer Teases DC Universe’s First Horror Series

However, it might not leave the swamp for long.

Swamp Thing as he appears in the DC comics.

The DC Universe streaming service is going creepy for their third live-action series. Swamp Thing, inspired by the DC comics of the same name, is debuting in a little over a month on the streaming site and, amidst rumors of a troubled production, has dropped the first teaser for the series. Check it out below.

The trailer has major Creature From the Black Lagoon vibes, which, from what little I know of the comics, is a good thing. However, while the trailer might be horror themed, the show will put the titular character into a heroic role as he fights to protect his swamp and the environment from human threats. After a string of bad guys whose plan is to save the ecosystem (hello, King Orm the Ocean-Master), it’s nice to see a hero who’s taking a stand for the trees like a creepy, swampy Lorax.

The trailer comes at a bit of a tumultuous time for the project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has slashed the episode order on the series from 13 to 10 as rumors swirl that the upcoming Warner Media streaming service will conflict with DC Universe. While I doubt DC Universe and its originals will be canceled, it does present a slight problem for consumers. Will DC Universe be folded into Warner Media? Will it be an extra charge? What does the future hold for DC?

Other DC Universe originals—Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn—are either doing well enough critically and commercially or will be released on schedule; I cannot see them cancelling all current projects. There’s even a Stargirl project lined up for 2020. DC will most likely not cancel all projects in favor of the upcoming Warner Bros. streaming service, and will most likely be folded into the new service.

The production itself is having some creative differences when it comes to Warner Bros. TV vs. DC Universe. Slash Film reported today that the production has been shuttered, with episode 10 being rewritten to bring the show to a satisfying conclusion. The article also showcases a since-deleted Instagram post from star Virginia Madsen that implied the show was finished and was coming to an end before it even began. Abandon all hope, ye who enter the swamp.

Swamp Thing might return to the swamp from whence it came sooner rather than later, but the 10 episodes already look suitably creepy. I’m here for superhero projects exploring different genres, and a horrifying hero might be just what we need to examine a new way to tell specific comic book stories.

(via Twitter, image: DC Comics)

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