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Here’s What Some of DC’s Biggest Heroes Might Look Like in Their Golden Years

eddie liu oldsuperman

Thank you for being a frieeeeeend…. Could you imagine DC superheroes sitting around a super-powered Shady Pines?

Artist Eddie Liu decided to paint what it would be like for our favorite heroes a couple of decades down the line. You know, without the benefit of comics retconning. Check out Supes above! Gotta say, old age is treating that Kryptonian really well!


Check out Older Barry Allen. I don’t know that he’d go ‘stache. What do you think?


And here’s Wonder Woman, looking kinda Gloria Steinem-esque (which is kind of appropriate when you think about it). I’m not 100% behind the choice to paint her with a cigarette – I don’t think Diana would be a smoker (that seems more like a Batman thing), but I love the streak in her hair. Rock those greys!


See? Now this guy looks like he could use a cigarette. No – cigar. Bruce Wayne totally chomps on cigars in his old age.

What do you think? Also – if you could introduce any of these heroes to your grandparents, which would you choose, and why? Let’s talk in the comments below!

(via Comics Alliance)

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