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Your Periodic DCnU Update: More Indications That, For Better Or Worse, It’s Not A Reboot

Great Hera!

The Daily Blam! happened to be attending a panel on DC’s upcoming reboot (a word which everybody continues to use, despite DC’s protestations), and managed to get a bunch of pictures out of it, including the Flash (above),


Jonah Hex,

Frankenstein (yes, that Frankenstein’s monster, yes, he is a DC character, yes, public domain is an interesting thing),

and Batgirl.

Even more pictures at The Daily Blam!

DC Women Kicking Ass has a round up of various different coverage of another panel in Burbank, California, with some more wordy news.

There is a definite link between the end of Flashpoint and the beginning of “The New 52.”  Additionally, the company’s most successful books currently, most notably the Batman and Green Lantern family of titles, will be continuing directly from their current storylines with little to no interruption.  Another book they mentioned changing very little was Green Arrow.  While some of the characters in these books may be in slightly different situations and/or costumes and be slightly younger or more inexperienced than they were in August, the storylines will remain intact.

The more we hear of the DCnU the more it sounds less like the full reboot (that DC keeps saying it isn’t) and more like a cheap renumbering gimmick plus the arbitrary and controversial reboot of a very, very small minority of characters. You know, DC, it’s possible to say “look, we’re relaunching a lot of titles that aren’t doing well for us right now, because they’re not doing well for us right now,” without throwing renumbering and re-costuming into the mix.

(via The Daily Blam!, DC Women Kicking Ass.)

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