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David Geffen Roasted for Isolating on a Massive Yacht During COVID-19

Eat the rich.


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In times of crisis, billionaires have shown that they are just like us, practicing social distancing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Only instead of sharing a studio apartment with two roommates and squabbling over the last roll of toilet paper, they are quarantining themselves on luxury yachts. At least that is the case for entertainment mogul and philanthropist David Geffen, who showed off his new digs via Instagram. While Geffen has changed his settings to private, you can still check out his ginormous yacht via Twitter:

Geffen, who co-founded Dreamworks and created Geffen Records, is currently holed up on a yacht the size of a small country in the Grenadines, which it turns out is an island chain in the Caribbean and not, as I previously assumed, the secret ingredient for making Shirley Temples.

Geffen’s Instagram post is the latest entry into my favorite new genre, “celebrities making COVID-19 about themselves.” Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t film himself singing “Imagine” to no one. The mogul has an estimated worth of $7.7 billion, which is on display in the picturesque images he posted.

This was exactly the opposite of what the internet wanted to see in this the year of our lord 2020. Folks quickly took to Twitter to dunk on the oblivious billionaire:

I have several questions, starting with this: is David Geffen taking yacht selfies with a drone?! At a time when the world is suffering and thousands of people are dying, this jabroni is living it up and posting lifestyle inspo content. These photos would be a brag on the best of days, but they are wildly tone deaf right now. There are doctors and nurses out there wearing trash bags because they don’t have lifesaving supplies.

But go on with your yacht, I guess. I guess it turns out that money can’t buy you class.

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(image: screencap/WNET/American Masters)

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