Dave Filoni on Star Wars' Mandalorian, Bad Batch on GMA
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Dave Filoni Had Mandalorian Season 3 Crumbs and Bad Batch Details on GMA!

Star Wars Bad Batch

This morning, fans of Star Wars were treated with a glimpse into Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Good Morning America, from creator Dave Filoni! The man behind shows like Clone Wars, Rebels, and of course, The Mandalorian, Filoni is a staple in the world of Star Wars fans.

Kicking off the interview, they asked Filoni how he was preparing to celebrate the holiday famous among fans of the franchise. “I celebrate Star Wars Day every day,” Filoni said, and honestly, that’s incredibly true for a man like Filoni. While I do live and breathe Star Wars, this franchise is in Filoni’s blood. He has given us such amazing content from the galaxy far far away, and he’s continuing to do so with the upcoming Disney+ properties he’s helping lead, as well as the animated Star Wars world.

Dave Filoni without a cowboy hat was, in fact, a shock first thing in the morning, but I do appreciate his Star Wars merch. He didn’t have much in regards to spoilers or anything, but he gave a nice little introduction to the world of the Bad Batch and the celebrations happening around the world today to celebrate this series we all love.

Michael Strahan had my own, personal, best interests at heart when he tried to get Dave Filoni to spill some secrets about The Mandalorian season 3:

What I do love about this segment, though, is that we know they’re still, technically, working on The Book of Boba Fett. So when are they going to kick off season 3 of The Mandalorian? Who knows. Or maybe Filoni is just teasing us a bit and they already have. Much like Marvel (which the hosts of Good Morning America groaned about, and I laughed out loud), it’s hard to get any information about Star Wars from the creators until the thing actually drops. Believe me, if they were all open to answering any and all questions, I’d have a lot about my himbo king of Mandalore.

But the segment was a fun way to kick off the holiday that means a lot to fans of Star Wars. While the fanbase is … tense a lot of the time, it is days like today where we all just join together and celebrate this space drama that means so much to us all. So whether you’re gearing up to watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch or revisiting your favorite movie/trilogy, today is about how much we love the franchise, and it’s one of the best days of the year.

If you squint, you might even see me dressed as Grogu waving my Han Solo blaster around on screen because I am a child who woke up like it was Christmas morning in order to briefly see Dave Filoni!

(image: Lucasfilm)

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