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Underwhelming Set Photo From The Dark Knight Rises!

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A new set photo from Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises is out! And it’s a dude! In a suit! And a ski mask! … Jumping out of an office window! .. And that’s all we really know. That’s a bit underwhelming, struggling to even be as interesting¬†the magical vague green pit that came off their location shoot in India. Slightly. But hey! Now we know there are people doing actiony things in this movie! And that’s enough to satiate us until we see some of the actual actors doing actory Bat-things. Click through to see the full version of this picture.

According to the photo description, this person is, indeed, supposed to be the Dark Knight himself? He reminds us of something else entirely. So, in all it’s blurry glory, here is the full pic, which you can click to enlarge:

(The Daily Blam)

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