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Dark Horse May Not Have Been The Right One to Let In

Dark Horse, the publishers of such renowned comics as Sin City, Hellboy, and The Mask, may have gotten themselves in some creator-related hot water.  According to the Swedish newspaper Metro, John Ajvide Lindqvists, creator of Let the Right One In (Swedish horror novel turned Swedish horror film turned American cult success), takes issue with how Dark Horse plans to adapt and use his work into American comics.

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Dark Horse has said that it has plans to not only make a graphic novel adaptation of Lindqvists’ book, but also produce prequels and sequels, expanding upon his story.  According to Lindqvists:

Nobody has asked me about this and I think that the project stinks. I am looking into this matter and hope that they have no right to do this.

Let the Right One In began to make waves in the US with its film adaptation.  The story of Oscar, a bullied and psychologically damaged school boy, and Eli, the girl next door who is actually a centuries old vampire made eternally vulnerable by her physical form as a 12 year old was as endearing as it was dark, and packed not a few true moments of horror.  Yes, that’s right.  Vampires and horror, together at last.

After the Swedish film barely scraped the surface of the mainstream American market, it has of course been announced that there will be a dubious American adaptation of the story titled Let Me In, with Hit Girl as Eli, now named Abby.  Color us incredibly skeptical.  Dark Horse secured the rights to the comic book adaptation, and quickly made plans.  Dark Horse editor Scott Allie said that the comics would not be a straight adaptation, so “readers would see episodes taking place both before and after the familiar events of the film, continuing the adventures of Eli and Oskar.”

According to Bleeding Cool Comics, Lindqvists “has already said he’s written his own prequel with the characters for future publication.”

Lawyers and PR people, start your engines.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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