Snow White in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney)

The Daily Wire Pivots to Disney Remakes With ‘Snow White’—and What? The Seven Incels?

The Daily Wire is at it again, making movies that no one is going to watch. This time, the conservative digital publication has its own take on Snow White. Titled Snow White and the Evil Queen (how original), the movie stars conservative YouTuber Brett Cooper—so we’re already off to a great start. The teaser for the movie, which clocks in at under a minute long, shows Snow White with a weird hairstyle walking among forest animals.

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Instead of being normal about things, the team over at The Daily Wire decided that they want to go ahead and make their own live-action remake of the worst Disney princess movie. I guess they just could not handle it when Rachel Zegler rightfully pointed out that not everyone is a fan of Snow White. But anyway, it’s happening and this trailer is … well, it’s something.

The trailer looks like a crappy episode of Once Upon a Time (derogatory) and is just bad. If you were wondering if anyone at the Daily Wire actually knows what Snow White is about, don’t worry, they don’t! In an announcement to the staff, Jeremy Boreing said “It’s a story about a princess and a prince, about beauty and vanity, about love and its power to raise us from death to life. It’s our own adaptation of an ancient fairy tale.” None of that is actually true.

Before we get into that, here is Boreing talking about the future of the Daily Wire: “While Disney still uses Walt’s name, they have all but abandoned his legacy,” he claimed. “It’s taken 100 years to build Disney. We know we aren’t what they are today, but we hope in time we might become what they were once upon a time: a little studio with big ideas and the courage to chase them.” WORMS FOR BRAINS!

What are the dwarves going to be? Incels?

The themes that Jeremy Boring (fine, Boreing) lays out aren’t actually the themes of the story, which is that beauty and vanity does not overpower love and that love can conquer all. Not that it can f***ing raise the dead, my guy. What I have questions about is this: Since this is the Daily Wire, are the seven dwarves going to be like dudebros? Are they going to be really into Andrew Tate? IS the Huntsman going to be Matt Gaetz (because Snow White is technically just a teenager)?

The fact that the Daily Wire did this as their “flex” and then released that teaser as if it’s “good” really is baffling. Snow White has a weird rat-tail ponytail! What are we doing here?! And all because Zegler made fun of the most boring princess known to man? It’s almost as if none of these conservative men have personalities so they’re into the one princess without one. That or they just want to be angry about something so that people think they’re interesting at all.

Anyway, I won’t be watching this movie, so, lol.

(featured image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

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