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Things We Saw Today: The CW Announces Return Dates, New Shows, and When We’ll See the Final Episodes of Supernatural

Team free will looks worried

Production shutdowns have forced most of the shows on The CW to end a few episodes ahead of schedule, leaving cliffhangers and questions for many fans. With big holes in the schedule, the CW is filling the summer with acquisitions of other shows, like Swamp Thing. Now, the network has announced when they hope to get their programming running again and when we can expect new seasons of our favorites—plus new shows and more acquisitions.

The bulk of the new season will launch in January 2021. There are no firm dates for the premieres since no one is quite sure when production will be able to start again. It’s of note that most popular CW shows film in Canada, a country where they listen to scientists and care about not killing people, and thus will likely be slower to allow productions to start than the US.

The January schedule contains quite a few shows we’re extremely interested in, from Superman and Lois to Walker (not Texas Ranger now, just Walker), which both got some snazzy key art …

And shout-outs from their stars.

One of the notable exceptions to the January return, and one of the big absences from the post-COVID schedule this spring so far, is Supernatural. The long-running show has seven episodes left to air in its 15th and final season, with only five filmed. The series will finish filming in the fall (if all goes according to plan), with the final episodes to air in October. When Supernatural returns, it will be on Thursday, which I think Castiel, angel of Thursday will appreciate.

Also of note in the releases, it looks like when the Legends of Tomorrow return they crew will be facing a new threat: Aliens?! That sounds fun! We’re just happy that we have dates to expect some of our favorites back.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter, image: Colin Bentley/The CW)

Here are a few other things we saw today:

  • Don’t worry about your other CW favorites and potential spin-offs just yet, Mark Pedowitz says they are still in contention for pickups. (via Decider)
  • A new Great Expectations six-part adaptation is in the works with Tom Hardy. (via The AV Club)
  • When Broadway reopens, Frozen the musical will stay closed. (via Comicbook.Com)
  • This:
  • The FBI served a warrant on Senator Richard Burr. I’m sure that’s fine. (via LA Times)
  • ….And he’s also stepping down as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. HMM. (via CNN)
  • Catch the trailer for the Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich documentary. (via Rolling Stone)
  • And … oh boy.

What did you see today?

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