Am I Going to Get Short-Haired Bucky Barnes Again? Sebastian Stan, Don’t Tease Me!

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger

A new look for Bucky Barnes? A change to the Winter Soldier? Who out there is listening to my prayers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? We have seen multiple versions of the bionic-armed hero. First, there was the 1940s Sargent who was heading off to war. Then, the soldier who had no idea of his past. With Civil War, we got a man struggling to free his mind, not really worried about what he looked like, and that journey has only continued along his journey to recovery.

The thing about Bucky Barnes is that he has had long hair ever since taking on the role of Winter Soldier. Why? Hydra just didn’t bother cutting his hair, apparently, and Bucky had more important things on his mind afterward. So now that he’s starting to be himself again, why wouldn’t he want a change?

Whatever the actual case may be, it’s gotten to the point where Bucky Barnes has a literal man bun throughout Avengers: Endgame, and enough is enough. This isn’t Game of Thrones, and he isn’t Jon Snow. So, at MCM London Comic Con this past weekend, when Sebastian Stan made a comment about Bucky’s hair, I couldn’t help but praise the idea of a new Bucky Barnes look coming into our lives.

It isn’t set in stone—if anything, we know very little about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier—but Sebastian Stan, while laughing at his past use of extensions for the character, made a comment about Bucky getting a haircut, which … Honestly, what if he did? To be fair, Stan did follow it up with “I don’t know yet. We’ll see.”

This is exciting, at least to me, because my favorite version of Bucky Barnes, look-wise, is the 1940s Sargeant James Buchanan Barnes that had to leave for World War II and left Steve Rogers back in Brooklyn to fend for himself.

Now that Bucky has begun to find himself again, away from the grasp that Hydra had on him for 70 years, why wouldn’t he want to change his look and explore a life of his own decisions again? To be fair, the only Bucky we knew who was completely in control of himself was the 1940s Bucky.

So, as far as we’re concerned as the audience, that was the only time he was in control of himself. Is this maybe because I want the short hair to return? Most definitely but still, it is going to be fun to see Bucky Barnes in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier because it is truly going to be the first exploration of the character after Shuri helped to fix his brainwashing.

If that means that Bucky gets a haircut, then so be it!

(via CBR, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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