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A Custom StarCraft II Arcade-Style Controller


For those of you who can’t quite get enough customization out of their gaming peripherals and 17 to 20 buttons on your mouse alone isn’t enough for your favorite rednecks-in-space RTS, Mauricio Romano, created this sweet custom StarCraft II arcade pad.

The pad is custom-built to play well with StarCraft II, built for a Shoryuken Tech Talk contest. The goal of the contest was to design an arcade pad that worked with an RTS, so if the controller seems more cumbersome than a traditional keyboard-and-mouse combination, that’s because it is; it had to adhere to the point of the contest.

As a bonus, when the custom pad is plugged into a computer, it is recognized as a regular keyboard, so there’s no fussing with special drivers or memory hogging button configuration programs that save your profiles to the cloud.

The trackball-lookin’ thing is actually a two-button mouse built using an analog joystick, while the rest of the buttons are standard arcade pad buttons, with the larger ones being control, shift, and space. And don’t you worry, PC gamers, the pad has some sweet blue LEDs to match the rest of your gaming tower and peripheral setup. Check out a video of the controller in action below.

(via Shoryuken)

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