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So That Rocky Spinoff Starring Michael B. Jordan is [Insert Sports Metaphor]-Ing Ahead!

In other news, there's a Rocky spinoff starring Michael B. Jordan.


Guys, I’ve been duped. I saw the words “Rocky” and “B. Jordan” in a headline and my millennial brain decided we were getting a Rocky Horror Picture Show reboot starring Michael B. Jordan. Tragically we’re not, but this Rocky spinoff Creed is shaping up to look pretty cool!

According to /Film, Creed will be directed by Ryan Coogler, who previously worked with Jordan on Fruitvale Station. Jordan will star as the grandson of Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), who—spoiler alert if you’re behind on your Rocky knowledge—died in Rocky IV. According to Coogler, Stallone will also contribute to the film:

He wrote every Rocky movie there ever was, so although I’m writing the script, I’ll definitely talk to him about it. Not only because he invented these characters, but because he’ll have to be an actor in the film, so it’s talking to him in both ways. Rocky isn’t the main character in the story, but he’s a major supporting player.

Actual boxers Andre Ward and Tony Bellew are also in negotiations to appear in the film, which could hit theaters as early as winter 2015.


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