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Congratulations, Nate Bell, for Redefining the Concept of “Too Soon”


Hey, Twitter, since this is still a developing story in which people’s lives are in danger, no one has said anything tasteless and regrettable about events in Boston today, right? What? An Arkansas politician has already issued the obligatory “I’ll bet those sissies wish they had guns now” statement? In, like record time? I’m shocked.

This little gem is brought to you by Arkansas State Representative Nate Bell, who we commend on dedicating himself to a life of public service despite being born without the part of his brain that recognizes the concept of “too soon.” Might be time to hand the keys to the Twitter over to someone on staff with a sense of how time passes, Nate. Or maybe just an intern who understands that deleting a tweet — like Bell has, because of course — doesn’t make it just go away. The Internet does not forget, Mr. Bell.

(via Twitter, image courtesy of flickr)

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