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Conan O’Brien Wants To Become The Most Influential Person on LinkedIn With Your Help

Let's not tell him about Tumblr.


Let’s be real for a hot second — LinkedIn is kind of a joke. Seriously, when was the last time you updated your own account? Probably right before you left your last job, and not since. But Conan O’Brien has serious plans for the “professional network.” Specifically, he wants to conquer it and become its most influential member.

He explained his social media machinations on an episode of Conan last night:

Yes, the LinkedIn he mentions is real and you can connect to it with your own, which will eventually allow him to become an influencer… somehow. We think. LinkedIn is very confusing. But Conan’s, at least, is pretty hilarious; under Independent Coursework, he’s listed “Build Wealth the Trump Way (Online)” and “Build Wealth by Suing Donald Trump Over Failure to Build Wealth (Online),” and he describes himself as having elementary proficiency in Afro-Asiatic languages

As of writing, the amount of connections Conan’s received shot up from 0 to 49 in a 6 or 7 minutes window, and is only poised to get larger (Jimmy Fallon has one too, apparently, though his connection count’s only up to 11). We sent him a connection invitation but have yet to hear back, so fingers crossed! Then we’ll be able to endorse his skills in “talking,” “blaming my father,” and “Microsoft Excel.”

(Conan via Tumblr)

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