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Colin Firth Returns to Kingsman: The Golden Circle in Way Too Adorable Photo

Hide behind Harry. #SafePlace #Kingsman2 #TheGoldenCircle

A photo posted by Pedro Pascal (@pascalispunk) on

There were plenty of rumors floating about regarding Colin Firth’s return to Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which were spurred on by Taron Egerton’s Twitter photo from way back in April. Now, you can consider those rumors confirmed as Pedro Pascal posted an incredibly adorable-as-heck photo of him hiding behind Firth in costume and on set. The caption reads, “Hide behind Harry,” and is hashtagged with #SafePlace alongside the standard issue promotional movie hashtags. Cute, no?

Pascal, in case you weren’t aware, played Oberyn “Squish” Martell in Game of Thrones, and plays a character named Jack Daniels (uh-huh) in The Golden Circle. It’s unclear what their relationship might be, and there isn’t a whole lot to be gleaned from this photo alone. What’s clear, though, is that Firth’s back, and when you consider that in the context of Egerton’s “the rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated” photo, he’s not just in some strange flashback.

Along for the ride are Sir Elton John, Halle Berry as the head of the CIA (yesss), Channing Tatum, and Julianne Moore as the big bad villain. Jeff Bridges is also reportedly turning up somewhere in the movie, though who knows what role he’s going to fill. Whatever that role might be, I’ll just be glad he’s there. Reprising their roles from the first movie are (of course) Egerton and Firth, Mark Strong as Merlin, and Edward Holcroft as failed Kingsman recruit Charlie Hesketh. Honestly, the more I hear about this cast, the more excited I get about this movie.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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