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Coffee Cup Grows Its Own Insulating Sleeve

Amron Experimental created a disposable coffee cup that has a heat-activated insulating sleeve. Dubbed the Heatswell, when one pours hot liquid into the cup, the blue band wrapped around the cup–which, before activation, is thin enough to be stackable with other Heatswell cups–will swell and provide protection from the hot liquid housed within said disposable cup. If the cup contains a raised logo, the sleeve will conform to it and the logo will become raised and visible, and the sleeves don’t slide around or fall down like normal coffee cup sleeves are prone to do. The cups are also non-toxic, approved by the FDA, recyclable and biodegradable, and as Amron points out, the Heatswell costs less than a cup with separate sleeve.

(Amron Experimental via Geekologie)

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