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Clinton Serves “Pizzagate” Burn, Retweets Domino’s Jobs to Resigning Trump Advisor Who Lied About Russia

I hope you like your pizza well done.


Damn. Damn.

Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn resigned last night after news reports came out indicating that he had lied about talking to Russia about alleviation of sanctions by phone before Trump took office. You may recall that Flynn’s son pushed the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory that led to a man entering a Washington D.C. pizzeria with a rifle in order to “self-investigate” the absurd claims, and he was subsequently removed from Trump’s team.

The elder Flynn himself didn’t mention the “Pizzagate” conspiracy by name, but he also pushed similar conspiratorial claims about what leaked emails revealed during the campaign. And … well, now Clinton’s Twitter account has gone full scorched-earth policy to smite these buffoons. Continuing in the spirit of her famed “Delete your account” tweet from the election, she’s already trashed Trump over his troubles with the courts, as well.

Elsewhere on Twitter, a video of Flynn’s campaign remarks about Clinton has been circulating, wherein he stokes the “lock her up” fervor, which may not have been the best idea for him in hindsight:

Lock him up?

Really, though, the most concerning part of all this isn’t necessarily that Flynn may have lied to Vice President Mike Pence about the contents of his phone call with Russia (which he did, unless Pence was just covering for him with some lies of his own), or even Flynn’s own actions in that phone call. No, what should really get the focus is this: Flynn reportedly advised Russia, on that very phone call, not to respond to the Obama administration’s newest sanctions, and the next day, Trump openly praised Putin for doing just that on Twitter.

It also seems that acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who was fired for refusing to have the Department of Justice defend Trump’s Muslim ban, told the Trump administration last month that Flynn was lying about his phone call and that he could be compromised by Russian blackmail, contrary to Trump’s recent comments that he hadn’t heard what was going on with Flynn. There was a coverup here, and Flynn has taken the fall, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only person involved. Democrats in Congress are already asking questions (along with Republicans like John McCain), and with some aspects of the famed Trump/Russia intelligence dossier now confirmed, we deserve to know how deep it went.

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