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Clarice Trailer Makes Us Go, “Hannibal Lecter? I don’t know her.”

It's time for Clarice to shine like never before!


The CBS spinoff to Silence of the Lambs dropped its first full trailer and gave us glimpse at what’s to come in the new thriller. Based on the psychological horror novel by Thomas Harris, this show follows Clarice Starling, the FBI agent responsible for the capture of serial killer Buffalo Bill. Clarice continues that story one year later to surprising results and plenty of intrigue when it premieres Thursday, February 11 at 10/9c.

In the famed 1991 film adaptation of Harris’ book by Jonathan Demme, Clarice was played by Jodie Foster. Her performance was iconic, cementing a new generation of female characters who didn’t take anyone’s shit, even serial killers like Hannibal Lecter. This time around, Rebecca Breeds, known for her time spent on Pretty Little Liars and The Originals, takes on the legendary role for a new audience.

From the little that we saw, Breeds has taken this role as Clarice and made it her own. The accent is on point, the body language feels familiar, and her commitment to doing what’s right in the face of evil is clear as day for all to see. And with so many sequels and remakes taking us by storm these last couple of years, this show feels fresh and something we’d absolutely be down for watching.

This personal story also explores the trauma left behind by Buffalo Bill, Clarice’s first big case. It seems unlikely that Hannibal Lecter, played by the extremely talented Anthony Hopkins in the film adaptation, will play into the series at all, but we’re excited to get to focus on Clarice and the impact of that famous case on her psyche.

We’re also excited to see what steps Clarice is going to take next, now that she’s in the spotlight. She’s going to have to deal with jealous agents who see her as being too green and fresh to deserve the recognition or power to lead cases, a nation that depends on her serial killer catching skills, and a Washington, D.C. that has all eyes on her.

And personally, we’re here for it and more if it means giving a woman the screen time to explore what makes us tick, what holds us back, and what makes us who we are in the face of evil.

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