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Citigroup Lost $2.7 Million to Hackers

Back in May, Citigroup announced that hackers had found a way to access customer’s credit card information. At the time, there was no word on how widespread the damage was, nor how many accounts had been compromised. Those figures have finally come to light this weekend.

Apparently some 360,000 credit card numbers were exposed in the attack. Of those, about 3,400 accounts were actually accessed. In total, Citibank says that its customers lost some $2.7 million. Thankfully, those that were affected by the attack and have fraudulent charges will not have to pay a cent. It will certainly be nerve wracking, but they’re off the hook. Citibank, on the other hand, will end up paying an estimated $77 million to investigate charges, renew credit card numbers, and notify customers affected by the hack.

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