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Here’s a Movie that Christopher Nolan Is Actually Doing: Interstellar

Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

Sorry for the snark, but it seems like the only news all week has been either very dubious “scoops” about the future of the Star Wars franchise and even more dubious information about the struggles of Warner Bros. to do anything, anything with its exclusive license to DC Comics characters with or without the Nolans and/or Christian Bale.

So here’s some actual information about Christopher Nolan.

Nolan was rumored about a month ago to be circling the director’s chair (in my head I always imagine this phrase like a shark or an elaborate tango, or perhaps a shark doing an elaborate tango) on Interstellar, a flick written by, unsurprisingly, his brother, Jonathan Nolan. Well, it looks like the game of musical director’s chairs has ended with Nolan firmly seated, as Paramount and Warner Bros. announced that they’d be jointly producing the movie with Nolan at the helm.

Christopher Nolan’s “INTERSTELLAR” will be co-produced and distributed by the two studios, with Paramount Pictures handling Domestic distribution and Warner Bros. Pictures distributing the film Internationally.  “INTERSTELLAR” will be released beginning November 7, 2014, in theaters and IMAX®.

Directed and written by Academy Award-nominee Nolan (“INCEPTION,” “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES”), “INTERSTELLAR” is based on a script by Jonathan Nolan. The film will be produced by Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan of Syncopy Films and Obst of Lynda Obst Productions. Kip Thorne will executive produce.

The movie is apparently about a “heroic” space voyage involving the “reaches of our scientific understanding.” Let the countdown to the first time somebody compares it to Prometheus begin… now. Perhaps the most interesting solid detail about it at this point is the team up between Warner and Paramount. On the downside? With a release date in 2014, that’s still leaves room in Nolan’s schedule for a block buster in 2015. I guess we’ll still be hearing rumors about his involvement in Justice League for a while yet.

(via Collider.)

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