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Here’s A Song About Decorating Your Face For Christmas That Will Probably Haunt Your Nightmares [Video]

Guess what the song is called. Go on, guess.

In “Christmas Face,” Rhett and Link invite fellow Youtubers Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart to paint themselves different colors and stick tinsel on themselves for the holiday season. Sure, it sounds festive and cute when you talk about it, but it’s actually kind of… terrifying in practice. The weird synth vocals probably don’t help matters.

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This video is intended to be a sequel to their earlier song from this month, “Christmas Sweatz,” in which the four Youtubers trade red and green sweatshirts and sweatpants. They’re wearing the same pairs of sweatz in “Christmas Face,” so it’s entirely possible that this series will culminate in a third video that also has them doing weird stuff to their hair, or something. We draw the line at eating tiny skiiers, guys.

(via Rhett and Link on Youtube)

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