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OK, What In the Hell Is This Chris Evans Poster?!

I'm not entirely convinced I didn't hallucinate this.

playing it cool

WHEN YOU GAZE LONG INTO THE ABYSS, THE ABYSS GAZES ALSO INTO YOU. That’s really all I can say about this poster right now. It has fried my brain. Is he… dressed as an astronaut with a fu manchu moustache? What is this? What’s happening here?!

If you’re curious about what this  monstrosity springs from, check out the trailer for Evans’ upcoming rom-com Playing It Cool under the cut. The good: Evans is co-starring with Anthony Mackie again! Michelle Monaghan! Ioan Gruffudd! Aubrey Plaza! The bad: Plaza says “Men and women can’t be friends” in what appears to be a non-ironic fashion. Ohhhhh nooooooo.


(via Collider)

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