Chile Earthquake Moved City of Concepción 10 Feet to the West

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In addition to shifting the Earth’s axis, shooting energy halfway around the world, and shortening our days, February’s earthquake in Chile apparently moved the entire city of Concepción 10 feet to the west.


The massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Chile more than a week ago moved the city of Concepción at least 10 feet (3 meters) to the west, seismological measurements indicate.

The violent temblor — the fifth most powerful quake ever measured — shifted other parts of South America as well, from the Falkland Islands (located just east of the southern tip of South America) to Fortaleza, Brazil, situated on that country’s northern coast.

NASA took photos of the damage wrought in Concepción a day after the 8.8 quake: there are no 10-foot westward arrows on the picture below, but it gives an International Space Station’s-eye view of the magnitude of the fifth-most powerful recorded earthquake since 1900.

On the ground, Chilean James Bond fansite James Bond Chile, which is based in Concepción, took some photos of the quake’s devastation which are no less shocking.

(h/t Wired Science)

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