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Chewbacca Made Good on the Big Threat of Wookiees in Deleted Force Awakens Scene


[Update: The scene has since been removed from YouTube, but it featured Chewbacca defending Rey from Unkar Plutt in The Force Awakens. During the altercation, Chewie uses his own foot to hold down Plutt’s and then pulls one of the alien’s arms off and tosses it across the room. Here’s another video with the arm removal in question.]

You might have noticed that Star Wars: The Force Awakens made some references to previous Star Wars material, but this Chewbacca Easter egg was apparently too much for Disney to stomach. In the above, fairly graphic scene, Chewie makes good on the threat from A New Hope that Wookiees have a tendency to rip off their opponents’ arms, even if they’re only really working with one of their own.

It seems like a callback not only to the “let the Wookiee win” scene, but also, possibly, the scene in the Cantina in A New Hope wherein Obi-Wan deftly dismembers a disgruntled patron with his lightsaber. You might remember that scene also winds up with a lifeless arm lying by itself, but a lot has changed since Star Wars originally hit theaters, and that particular homage was seemingly deemed too much for a franchise that has become so kid-friendly.

Sure, limbs are lost exceedingly frequently to lightsabers across the Star Wars movies, but there’s something much more visceral about the way Chewie goes about it here that leaves me not too surprised this scene didn’t make it onto theater screens.

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