You’re A Good Time Lord, Charlie Brown!

It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

Larry Wentzel had the brilliant idea of mashing up Doctor Who with Charlie Brown, and the result is adorable. And it makes us wonder if Linus has been a time lord all along and how Schroeder would interpret the song of the Oods. More pics after the jump, all courtesy of Mr. Wentzel’s Flickr page.


Starring Amy Pond as The Little Red-Haired Girl!

No idea why, but the Ood reminds me of Linus and the Weeping Angel reminds me of Lucy. Weird.

Wentzel, who posts his art under the name Wild Guru Larry, said he was initially inspired by this panel of the 10th Doctor at Hijinks Ensue, which is created by Joel Watson.

(Larry Wentzel via io9)

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