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Things We Saw Today: CGI Clifford the Big Red Dog Will Haunt Our Nightmares

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There are some things you see on the internet that are so baffling you don’t even know what to make of them. Slenderman. All your base are belong to us. Sonic the Hedgehog with human teeth. And now, the nightmare that is a “live-action” version of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Now, the Clifford books and cartoons were a huge part of many a childhood. They were sweet and it was cute in illustrated form to see a giant dog. But in reality … he’s kind of terrifying! The Clifford in the above teaser not only makes you think of the horrifying logistics of owning a dog that’s 10 feet tall (no pooper scooper will be big enough) but he also looks … bad.

In one way I’m reminded of the “horse of a different color” scene from The Wizard of Oz, where the made a normal horse change color by painting the technicolor film a certain way. This feels like that, where they took a normal puppy and just used the fill tool on a computer program to make him red. But even the little movement we saw has some uncanny valley aspects to it.

But when you see how they made Clifford, the madness really takes hold.

And personally, I’d love to see THIS movie:

Well, at least we know he’s big and red. I guess we couldn’t have expected anything else.

(image: Paramount)

Here are a few less terrifying things we saw today:

Have a happy and safe holiday (AT HOME)!

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