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Celebrities Used Their MTV Award Wins To Support the Writers’ Strike

Pedro Pascal with some popcorn awards

One of the first big things to really take a hit because studios keep on refusing to pay writers what they’re worth was the MTV Movie Awards. The ceremony would not work without writers, and that was made very clear by how awkward the ceremony ended up being when it went ahead anyway. Without writers, no story works. It’s as simple as that, and if you’re one of the oddballs who think that AI can write, well guess what? AI would have nothing to present as writing without writers in the first place. But that’s another issue. We’re here to talk about how the acceptance speeches at this year’s ceremony showed which of our favorite celebrities support writers!

There were some that weren’t great, but for the most part, our favorite actors proudly held up their popcorn and made it clear that they wouldn’t be there without the writers who helped tell the stories we love—which is really the truth of this entire fight between the studios and the writers they refuse to compensate fairly.

Pedro Pascal and Jennifer Coolidge both shouted out the WGA as they accepted their Popcorns. For Pascal, he said that he stood in solidarity with those fighting for pay and showed his support for the WGA. And Coolidge also made her stance known! “As a member of SAG, I stand here tonight side by side with my brothers and sisters of the WGA,” Coolidge said in her speech, and it was a common thread throughout many of our favorite stars’ speeches.

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn shouted out the compassion of the writers of the show and how that compassion should move us as people, making sure that the writers were highlighted in his speech. You can see all the speeches here:

You’re all real ones for this

Sure, there were moments, like Tom Cruise on a plane, that had people confused, but overall, most everyone who won made it clear that the writers were the reason they got these awards in the first place. Drew Barrymore, who had dropped out as host in solidarity, still won the award for Best Host, and she thanked her writer. And it was just an overall great look into how supportive celebrities we know and love can be for the writers who make their storytelling possible.

Telling stories is not a one-person job. Someone is creating a story through their words, which is then brought to life by directors and actors and many, many more. It’s so important for everyone to get the recognition they deserve. So, having your faves supporting the strike and using their acceptance speeches to do it? Great. That’s what all actors should be doing with platforms like this, because writers deserve to be paid fairly for the work they’re doing and the incredible amounts of money they help generate for studios.

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