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Hunger Games Clothing Line Is Available for Purchase Despite a Serious Lack of Butterfly Dresses

Why Not Do It With Some Style?

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When The Hunger Games costume designer Trish Summerville sat down to craft her Capitol Couture collection, she left behind a lot of the… shall we say extreme fashions worn by Capitol denizens. Probably a good call. Who could pull this look off but Effie Trinket, after all?

But my own personal opinion, speaking as a Fashion Expert (by which I mean “someone who wears clothes that have some sort of fashion to them”), is that these clothes are far too normal. What the hell?! I’d actually wear some of them if I had the money! And sure, technically they’re inspired by the films as a whole, not just the Capitol. But it’s called Capitol Couture and there’s no neon! I am disappoint. What do you think?

(available on NET-A-PORTER, via Fashionably Geek)

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