Things We Saw Today: The Flash’s Candice Patton Calls Out Funko’s Lack of Female Pop Figures

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The Flash‘s Iris West, Candice Patton, is out here on the internet calling out truths. Under her ponytail. The latest truth bomb came from Patton delivering some well-deserved shade at Funko! for releasing their new line of Flash pops, which doesn’t include a single female character.

She adds in a second tweet “Missed opportunity for some kickass female characters on the show. Next time?

There honestly shouldn’t have to be a next time. Felicity has a damn pop, as well as Sara Lance in her Black Canary costume, while there is still no pop for Iris or Caitlin/Killer Frost after being leads for several seasons. Funko constantly has this problem of forgetting major female characters to give us six alternates of the same damn design. I love you Funko, but really, get it together.

    • Wow, the show everyone hate-watched, Insatiable, got renewed for a second season. It’s true, evil never really dies. Maybe it could do a crossover with 13 Reasons Why for really hardcore teen angst feels. (via Buzzfeed)
    • Dua Lipa’s concert in Shanghai took a dark turn when fans were booted from the concert and later beaten, for waving pride flags at her concert. Just a reminder of the LGBTQ struggles still going on worldwide. (via Metro)
    • Tim Allen wants to let you know he’s ‘an Anarchist’ which we already know because he killed Santa and then stole his job for like three movies. (via Vulture)
    • People are out here repping Roald Dahl on the anniversary of his birth. (via Twitter)

It’s almost Friday!

(via Twitter, image: The CW)

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