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Religious Protesters Tried to Get Good Omens Taken off Netflix, a Platform It Was Never On

Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Good Omens

You’d think a quick Google search would help those trying to get Good Omens off TV, but clearly, fate has a different idea. When over 20,000 people signed a petition to get Netflix to cancel the show that’s actually on Amazon Prime, we all had to just sit back and laugh at those opposed to it.

They’re angry for religious reasons, calling the show “blasphemous,” which is hilarious considering literally 90% of our content in the world today, but okay, get mad at Good Omens specifically, a show you can just simply not watch if you don’t like it. I feel like this need to censor everyone to fit your ideals is becoming much too commonplace in the world, and it isn’t necessarily fair to everyone who doesn’t subscribe to the archaic ideas of Christianity.

I say this as a Christian. Like, chill out. It’s a show on Amazon Prime. You can still believe what you want; not a soul is stopping you. Still, it is quite fun to mock these ridiculous complaints, and even Neil Gaiman himself has joined in the merriment, sharing a list of grievances that couldn’t be funnier if it were intentional parody.

The rest of Twitter then, of course, began to have a little fun.

Good Omens is a wickedly delightful show and one that I can’t get enough so let the petitions reign, let people angrily email Netflix and then Hulu and then take up some complaints with Showtime and HBO about the show! Because really, you yelling into the void that you hate something that others love is delightful to watch.

Moral of the story? Netflix won’t boycott shows on other platforms! Disappointing really!

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