The cast assembles for Brooklyn Nine Nine season six

Things We Saw Today: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Delivers a Teaser Trailer Promising a “Blaze of Glory”

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is ending, but it at least is going out in the best spot, right after the Summer Olympics, and they have released a teaser to celebrate what is coming up.

“We can think of nothing more deserving than giving [this spot] to the final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Susan Rovner, head of Streaming at NBC said. “This is a beloved show and we wanted to give it a slot where it had access to the biggest possible audience.”

The teaser mostly highlights the running gags throughout the series, interspersed with interviews from the cast talking about how much they have all loved working on the show. It does end with a little bit of new footage, but mostly I think it is just enjoying bringing everything to an end.

Many were wondering if the show would continue to be a “police show” in light of the Black Lives Matter protests, but it seems from the teaser that the precinct is in tow for the end of the journey. We shall see how the blaze of glory burns!

(via CBR, image: NBC)

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