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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gets an ’80s-Style Twist With a New Season 7 Trailer!

The cast assembles for Brooklyn Nine Nine season six

There’s been a Brooklyn Nine-Nine-shaped hole in our hearts since the show wrapped up season 6, but don’t worry, the wait is nearly over! To get us ready for season 7, the trailer for the upcoming season dropped with an ’80s-style twist that was sure to make Jake Peralta’s Die Hard dreams come true.

Showing us a bit more about Raymond Holt’s fate after Commissioner Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgewick) decided to give him a “punishment” for only having served on patrol for a month before getting a promotion, the trailer so a good job of getting our excitement for the new season going while giving us very little to go off of.

But then again, we don’t want too much of Brooklyn Nine-Nine given away to us, right?

A Dan Goor and Mike Schur classic, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the kind of show that radiates warmth in the same way that Parks and Recreation and The Good Place do. There is a beauty to their creations that hit the audience and keep us in season after season. Who knew a show about a bunch of police officers would capture my attention in this way? But then again, these characters aren’t exactly your typical group of cops.

So, what’s so exciting about season 7? To be honest, it’s just amazing to have the show back. Much like Parks and Recreation before it, Brooklyn Nine-Nine had a rough go of it for a while. When the show was on Fox, it was canceled, but many rallied behind it, pleading for another station to pick it up, and finally, it found its home on NBC—which is, honestly, where it belonged from the start.

Now, though, I’m just excited to have all my favorite cop friends back, week after week. A beautiful cast of characters, Brooklyn Nine-Nine manages to poke the sort of light fun look at the powers that be and the everyday man that The Good Place comments on in a way that doesn’t make me feel like the world, at large, is beyond saving. Maybe that’s just the wisdom that Schur and Goor impart into their shows.

Still, it’s the kind of television show that I wait for week after week. It isn’t ever a burden to keep up to date, and now that season 7 is coming, I just feel my love for the 99 growing with each new look. 2020 is already off to a bad start, and with The Good Place coming to an end soon, it’s going to be wonderful to be able to head to Brooklyn Nine-Nine and fall in love with Jake, Amy, Raymond, Rosa, Terry, Charles, and more week after week.

Please, just don’t cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine again any time soon. I need some kind of Mike Schur content in my life to keep me sane. We all need it.

(image: NBC)

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