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Broadway Boys for Elizabeth Warren! Ya Love to See It

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and CNN presidential town hall focused on LGBTQ issues

If I was born to write about any topic, it’s the intersection of Broadway and politics, and so here I am, investigating some of my favorite Broadway boys and their support for Elizabeth Warren. This was kicked off by a Tweet from Oklahoma! actor Patrick Vaill, and prompted the question of how other Broadway folks were planning to vote. What I discovered was a delightful number of musical men on board for Liz. 

Now, I’m here for anyone who wants Trump out of office, but while we’re still in the primary part of the election season, let’s take a closer look at our favorite Broadway boys who also love Liz Warren. It’s important to see men vocally in favor of a strong female candidate and not falling prey to the sexism that continues to cast its pall across America, social media, and our media coverage of the candidates.

So, first, there’s Patrick Vaill.

Vaill (who played Jud Fry in the revival of Oklahoma!) shared his love of Warren on Twitter, and honestly—it’s a mood. I also can’t fucking wait. So let us praise Vaill by listening to his version of “Lonely Room” from Oklahoma!.

Gideon Glick is currently taking over as Seymour in the off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors, but he’s also taking to Twitter to tell about Elizabeth Warren like the rest of us.

So here is a video of Gideon Glick singing a song from my favorite musical. Come cry with me.

Now, you probably know Jeremy Jordan from Supergirl, but for us Broadway nerds, he was Jack Kelly and Clyde in Bonnie & Clyde before he ever stepped onto TV. And now we can all applaud as he roots for Elizabeth Warren.

And now, more tears.

Steven Pasquale has been in lots of things! Broadway shows, television series, specials with Kerry Washington, you name it! He also is excited to root for Warren.

As a treat, if you didn’t see Bridges of Madison County, here you go. It’s very sad. An ongoing theme: I cried a lot.

Andrew Kober, from the Broadway revival of Les Misérables, is a good boy who told Twitter it’s okay if Warren isn’t your candidate, but he’d like to see her at Super Tuesday at least.

So Andrew Kober singing “Let Me Leave” is a treat we’ll give ourselves!

Now … we all know Lin-Manuel Miranda. And while he’s been taking a Twitter break, he has visited Warren in the past and made it a point to talk with the Senator about Puerto Rico.

We all also know Hamilton but, in case you have not watched, please enjoy Les Misérables super-fan Lin-Manuel Miranda singing “Confrontation” with Kyle Jean-Baptiste.

One of my personal favorite Broadway boys is Jake Gyllenhaal. While he has not endorsed anyone on his Instagram account, his sister Maggie was in attendance at a Warren rally so I’m going to go with her as a Gyllenhaal family fave.

Now, should these Broadway boys sway you? Absolutely not. Make your own informed choices, see which candidate supports issues you care about. I’m just glad that so many are openly for Elizabeth Warren.

Honorable mentions go to these fun Broadway fellas who just like talking in a vague sense and not specifically naming candidates.

May we all venture forth into the rest of this election cycle and keep our wits about us!

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