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Brie Larson’s ‘Fast X’ Character Has a Legacy Connection

Brie Larson as Tess in 'Fast X'

The Fast & Furious franchise really is a family affair! That isn’t surprising if you know anything about the series as a whole, mainly because Dominic Toretto says that it’s about family over and over again—and the song “See You Again” that was written for Furious 7 has the lyric “How can we not talk about family when family’s all that we’ve got?” in it. My point is that family is at the heart of these movies.

It doesn’t have to be your blood family, but they may appear when you least expect it. In F9, we saw as Jakob (John Cena) came after his brother, Dom (Vin Diesel). Prior to that, the family affairs happened with characters like Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) and his brother and sister, not to mention their mother, Magdalene (Helen Mirren), being part of the team. And now it seems as if Fast X will be following suit.

It has been announced that Brie Larson will play Tess in the movie, but we didn’t know much else about her character. So, while we knew that Jason Momoa was joining as Dante Reyes, the son of Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) who was killed in Fast Five, we didn’t know how Larson’s character would connect to the rest of the series—until now. In the new issue of Total Film, via GamesRadar, fans got an inside look at the upcoming film, with some of our favorite characters back in action.

That includes the knowledge that Tess’ father is someone from Dom’s past. Yes, Tess is the daughter of a hero—in my eyes, because he helped to save Han … I’m talking about Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody, obviously.

Mr. Nobody and Tess in Fast X

We don’t currently know whether or not Mr. Nobody is alive. He was in accident caused by Jakob Toretto, and that is the last we’ve seen of him so far. But he had previously worked with Dom and his team, most notably being the one who got Han Lue (Sung Kang), a.k.a. Han Seoul-Oh, out of the crash that Shaw caused. So he’s my hero because Han is my favorite character in this franchise.

But he also worked with Dom on cases and was trying to help them when he maybe died in the plane crash, and now, we’re bringing in Tess. We don’t know much about Mr. Nobody’s life outside his work with Dom and the family, so getting to meet his daughter as she interacts with Dom is going to be interesting. And the new images do show her hanging out with them.

We get to see Larson as Tess bringing two beers to Dom, with a smile on her face, and that at least makes it clear that she’s on their side (at least in this moment). Until we know more about where Mr. Nobody is and what his relationship with Tess was like, I can just sit and hope that Larson and Russell will get to interact with each other, because come on, that’s some pretty fun casting as a father/daughter.

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