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Brie Larson As a Jedi Is Everything We Want For the Next Star Wars Movie

Carol Danvers, Captain and Jedi Knight

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers

Brie Larson, who stole audiences’ hearts and enraged toxic fanboys as Captain Marvel, is a bit of a Star Wars fan. She talked about Samuel L. Jackson bringing his lightsaber to the set of Captain Marvel, and there were sneaky paparazzi photos of her enjoying the opening festivities of Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge theme park. She just posted the coolest photo on Instagram of herself in Jedi robes, which makes us absolutely need her to be a Jedi ASAP.


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I’m utterly obsessed with this photo. Larson looks right at home with a lightsaber and in Jedi robes, ready to fight the Sith or the Empire. It also makes it clear that she should cross over and become part of the Star Wars universe, preferably as a total badass.

She doesn’t even have to necessarily be a Jedi in the traditional sense. How about a Mandalorian warrior, in her own unique and cosplay-able armor? Or a scoundrel or rogue hiding their Force sensitivity? Maybe she can even be a villain, such as a Sith lord. We don’t have enough female villains who actually get to do much in Star Wars after all.

Also, given that the Venn diagram of people who hate Larson and her Marvel character for being too feminist and the people who call Rey a Mary Sue is just a circle, it would certainly cause a stir if she was in Star Wars. The toxic fans would cry and yell about how politics are ruining their childhood as the rest of us enjoy Larson kicking ass on screen and more little girls can look up to her across fandoms and franchises.

I don’t think Larson will necessarily be in a Star Wars film in the near future, as her Captain Marvel commitment takes precedence. Still, maybe down the line she’ll step into a pair of Jedi boots, and those of us who love her can see her inspire more people as her detractors cry on YouTube about it.

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