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Things We Saw Today: Brian Williams Delivers Epic Takedown of Donald Trump

Plus Robert Englund, Gillian Anderson, and more!

Last night on MSNBC, Brian Williams delivered an epic takedown of Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response. In the final segment of The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, the anchor responded to a clip from Fox & Friends, where Geraldo Rivera suggested that the coronavirus vaccine should be named after President Trump. This is absurd of course, as Donald Trump’s complete failure to address the virus has led to over 250K deaths and over 12 million cases nationally.

Williams responded sarcastically, saying “It’s possible we just don’t give the president enough credit for his FDR-like devotion to tackling this virus,” adding “His laserlike focus, his daily devotion, the sympathy he’s forever expressing to the families of the quarter-million dead. Even the way the president lectures us in that way to please wear a mask and stop the spread. And he’s always advocated injections. Geraldo may be on to something.” As he rattled off all the things a normal president would do, MSNBC played clips of Trump golfing through the crisis and ignoring safety protocols.

Williams continued his monologue, taking Trump’s failed side hustles to task by saying, “What Trump Steaks did for the hungry, what Trump Water did for the thirsty in our nation, what Trump University did to lift up the uneducated in our country — well, along comes Trump the vaccine. Possibilities, I think you’ll agree, are endless.”

It was a well-written, eloquent burn that quickly began trending on social media. Many responded with kudos for Williams and the team at MSNBC for succinctly calling out Trump’s myriad failures.

This is one big chef’s kiss, and honestly we love to see it.

(via MSNBC, image: screencap)

  • Freddy’s back! Robert Englund joins the cast of season 4 of Stranger Things. (via io9)
  • Everyone’s talking about Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity on Nintendo Switch. (via Polygon)
  • A Wipeout contestant has died after completing the show’s obstacle course. (via Variety)
  • We’re dying over this teeny tiny owl found in the Rockefeller Christmas tree:
  • We’re gonna go ahead and but these Star Wars pinball machines on our Christmas wish list. (via CBR)
  • Gillian Anderson discusses her roles on The Crown and Sex Education. Can you say crossover episode? (No, no you can’t.) (via Collider)
  • RIP Herbert F. Solow, the TV executive who convinced NBC to greenlight the original Star Trek series. Solow passed away at the age of 89. (via Syfy Wire)
  • Relatable, honestly:

How’s your Saturday shaping up, Mary Suevians?

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