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Breitbart “Reporter” Got Kicked Out of a Beto O’Rourke Event & There’s Far Too Much Pearl-Clutching Going On

Beto holds his head, looking exhausted at all of this nonsense.

A representative from the ultra-conservative, white nationalist propaganda rag Breitbart was ejected from a Beto O’Rourk event at Benedict College this week. According to that reporter, Joel Pollak, he was asked to leave because O’Rourke “has decided that he is entitled to abuse members of the press who cannot be relied upon to provide favorable coverage.”

It’s hard to know if that’s actually what happened, though, because very few major media outlets besides Breitbart and other alt-right sites are reporting on it. There are, however, a lot of real journalists from reputable outlets tweeting about the incident, many of whom are criticizing O’Rourke and his campaign staff.

Like The Washington Post:

The New York Times:

And the Daily Beast:

All of this outrage is rooted in the idea that Breitbart is a legitimate news outlet and that its employees deserve to be treated like journalists and not the alt-right propaganda-pushers that make the site what it is.

Also, according to Pollak’s own report, it wasn’t O’Rourke’s staff but campus police that asked him to leave. Which makes sense because not only is Benedict a Historically Black College and therefore no place where a bigotry-based outlet should feel entitled to be, but by many accounts, this was a CLOSED EVENT, not open to the press in the first place.

To see major news sources not just tweeting out a Breitbart article without fact-checking, but actually defending that article is incredibly embarrassing. By all accounts, this looks like a stunt designed to get the exact reaction it did.

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