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Boycotting ‘Hogwarts Legacy’? This Fantastic ‘Harry Potter’-like TTRPG Is Raising Money for Trans Charity Instead

Illustration from Kids on Brooms, showing two teenagers wearing cloaks and holding wands.

By now, you’re probably aware of the boycott, led by trans gamers and their allies, against the Harry Potter-themed RPG Hogwarts Legacy. J.K. Rowling, who has earned a reputation over the past few years as a hardcore transphobe, has publicly stated that profits from Harry Potter media encourage her to double down on her transphobic views. Even before its release, the game came under fire for its antisemitic plot and attempts to deflect criticism. Boycotting this game is a way of showing solidarity with trans people, Jews, and other groups whom Rowling has hurt.

Luckily, if you’re still itching to play a game in which you get to learn magic and ride broomsticks, you have another option—and the money you spend will go to a good cause.

Meet Kids on Brooms, a tabletop roleplaying game from Renegade Game Studios that takes place at a school for wizards and witches. Here’s the description from their website:

Kids on Brooms is a collaborative role-playing game about taking on the life of a witch or wizard at a magical school you all attend- a place full of mystery, danger, and thrilling adventure. From dealing with strict professors to facing down mythical beasts, players will get the opportunity to ride brooms, brew potions, and cast powerful magic as they uncover the incredible secrets their school and its inhabitants hold. Built using the ENnie Award-Winning Kids on Bikes framework, it is a rules-light, narrative-first storytelling game perfect for new players and gaming veterans alike!

I mean, let’s be honest—Harry Potter was never a very creative series. There are other places you can go to enjoy witches and wizards at a magical school (the classic Earthsea series, the admittedly spotty Scholomance trilogy), and if you want to enjoy an immersive experience at a wizarding school, then Kids on Brooms will deliver.

Earlier this week, the game’s creators announced that all profits from the game they earn today, February 10, will go to charities that support trans people.

This morning, game writer Eric Lang announced that the publisher of Kids on Brooms will donate all of today’s proceeds to the Silvia Rivera Law Project, and that he’ll match donations up to $3,000.

The Silvia Rivera Law Project is a legal aid organization in New York City that serves low-income people of color who are trans, intersex, or gender nonconforming.

(featured image: Renegade Game Studios)

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