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220-Year-Old Time Capsule Buried by Paul Revere and Sam Adams Unearthed in Boston; F*** Yeah, ‘Murrica

Idk. I'm Canadian.


One if by land, two if by sea! (Is a history thing I have heard people say.) According to IFLScience, a time capsule buried in 1795 by Paul Revere, Col. William Scollay and then-Massachusetts Governor Sam Adams has been unearthed in Boston.


On January 6th, Massachusetts state officials and representatives from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts excavated the capsule to reveal silver and copper coins believed to date from 1652 to 1855 (the capsule was re-opened after its initial 1795 burial), as well as a plaque thought to have been engraved by Paul Revere.

Additionally, the capsule also contained a medal with George Washington’s image on it, newspapers, an impression of the seal of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, and part of the Massachusetts Colony Records. So, not as rad as this time capsule artifact:


But still pretty cool.

Although the time capsule is mentioned in the commonwealth records, its existence wasn’t confirmed until last summer, when it was discovered by engineers using ground radar to survey the area for an upcoming construction project. The capsule and its artifacts will be displayed at the MFA before being re-buried at the Massachusetts State House.

In conclusion, God bless America.


This is a gif that exists.

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