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New Boondocks Comics Signal Black History Month Can Start for Real Now


The Boondocks

The animated show The Boondocks defined a huge part of my teens, and while there are some absolutely problematic elements to the show, the legacy of the comic strip and TV series, both created by Aaron McGruder, is iconic and important. That’s why its return today, in comic strip form, is a fantastic reboot of the mess that has been Black History Month 2019 so far.

The first comic begins with a favorite of many, Uncle Ruckus, no relation.


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Happy Black History Month! We’ve been blessed by The Boondocks 🖤🖤🖤#BOONDOCKSBACK

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The comics show Ruckus saying that he wants to build a wall around Woodcrest County to keep the brown people out and make Black people pay for it, to which Huey, with a tired side-eye, expresses my feelings since the year 2016.

Second, we have our Freeman brothers. Riley is confused about Trump being president, because essentially, he’s acting like a petulant child, much like Riley, and Riley finds that disturbing. “But I want the old white man to win!” The echo of Bernie Sanders supporters across time and space.


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Thank you #aaronmcgruder and @cthagod #boondocksback 🙌🏾 #muterkelly

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This one is a personal favorite featuring Granddad turning off R. Kelly’s Ignition (Remix) because R. Kelly is a monster, but then going on to choose an artist of more “moral fortitude,” turning on Michael Jackson. Well played.

Uncle Ruckus says that he helped the Russians with taking down Hilary Clinton in the 2016 election because he was distraught over the election of Barack Obama, as he explains in his book, She Lay With Negroes: Restoring the Honor of Lady Liberty Post-Obama, which I am sure someone would buy just based on the title/cover alone.

Of course, some people do still believe that Ruckus has someone:


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#BOONDOCKSBACK | it’s a great day for Black people cause we got new Boondocks 🙌🏿

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Also, some excellent MSNBC shade:


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After all the bullshit of these last few days, this was a fun reminder of how good satire can fuel the soul.

(image: Adult Swim/Cartoon Network)

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