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Huge Development on Today’s Book Of Boba Fett Is Vital for The Mandalorian

din djarin holding his son like that

When it comes to The Book of Boba Fett, the last two episodes have been more about the future of The Mandalorian and the world therein than about Boba Fett, which is fine given how the two shows feed off each other. It does set us up to believe that we’ll have more of Boba’s rule on Tatooine in other Star Wars properties in the future, but for now, it’s giving us a look into what to expect from season 3 of The Mandalorian.

In episode 6, titled “From the Desert Comes a Stranger,” we get to see the setup for the battle between Boba and the Pyke Syndicate, as well as Din’s quest to find a purpose now that he has returned Grogu to his “kind.”

**Spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett episode 6 lie ahead.**

grogu running for a hug from mando

Din and Grogu being reunited with each other has been on the minds of every fan of The Mandalorian, mainly because we had spent two seasons with them, and the minute that Din had to say goodbye to Grogu was one that tore us apart emotionally. So, getting to see Din and Grogu struggle with their separation is, frankly, exactly what I wanted. It would be easy for both Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau to just write Grogu off and have Din take his place as the King of Mandalore without going back to his son. But after this episode, it is something that I don’t think Grogu or Din could let happen.

In “From the Desert Comes a Stranger,” Grogu is training with Luke Skywalker, and while his heart is sort of in it, as he remembers what he had learned from the previous Jedi Temple, it is clear that he’s only doing what he’s told by Luke. That is made so much harder when Din comes to see his “little friend” and is confronted by Ahsoka to ask whether he is there for Grogu or for himself.

What the episode boils down to for Grogu and Din is a choice. Din has to choose between what he wants and what he thinks is best for Grogu, and Grogu has to decide if he wants to be with Din or if he wants to train in the ways of the Jedi. Both are not easy decisions, and neither seem to be ready to make the call, but Din did seem to understand what Ahsoka was asking of him. And, in doing that, he left a gift for Grogu behind without getting to see him.

Something that Grogu saw, that forced him to reach towards Din’s new ship.

And while all of this served to emotionally damage us further, it did bring up an important question for Luke, Grogu, Ahsoka, and Din: What does that mean for Grogu’s training?

The training of Grogu

While Din came to give “Grogu a gift,” he was really there to try to see him again—something that Ahsoka picked up on and called out. But that emotion went both ways. Grogu clearly also missed Din, and it was affecting his training with Luke. When we first see him, he’s distracted by a frog and trying to use the Force to capture it, which Luke catches. Luke shows him what the Force could bring him, and Grogu starts to take his training a bit more seriously.

He’s using the Force to jump, to think, and to understand. Luke helps him remember what happened at the Jedi Temple and he begins to heal himself. The problem is still his connection with Din, the reason Ahsoka would not train him in the first place. So, Luke is forced to give Grogu an ultimatum (and a rather unfair one): the Lightsaber that used to belong to Yoda or the armor that Din brought for him.

The episode ends without us knowing Grogu’s choice, and it is something that I think we’ll explore in The Mandalorian over the next episode of The Book of Boba Fett, but that choice that Luke gave to Grogu? That’s cold but also necessary. Ahsoka is right; Grogu has too much of an attachment to Din, and maybe what needs to happen is for Luke to find a Padawan who doesn’t have that bond. But we’ll have to wait and see what Grogu’s choice actually is.

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