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Let’s Talk About the End Credits Scene in The Book of Boba Fett

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When it comes to surprise endings, Star Wars is one of the best, and with The Book of Boba Fett, we learned a lot about Boba as a character throughout the series, as well as what this world looks like for the future of the franchise. From Din Djarin to Cobb Vanth and more, we got a look into those who orbit near Boba and what the future has for them—and whether or not they’ll come in contact with Boba again.

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But the end credits scene for the series left fans with a bit of hope and intrigue about one character, so let’s talk about the end credits scene.

**Spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett’s finale lie ahead.**

I am but a humble servant to the Din Djarin/Cobb Vanth fan club. So, when Boba got reinforcements from Freetown and it seemed like Vanth had been shot “in cold blood,” I felt my heart drop.

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Gone were my dreams of Cobb and Din raising Grogu together. Luckily, Cobb’s friend just meant that he was quite literally shot without mercy, but wasn’t dead. That little bit of information probably would have been helpful. Instead, he said they “gunned him down in cold blood” to Din, which sounded a lot more like his fate was sealed.

Instead, judging by the series finale’s mid-credits scene (its only end credits scene, so prepare for disappointment if you’re waiting around for another), Cobb seems … fine?

Well, OK, not entirely fine. People who are fine don’t exactly end up in Bacta tanks with the Modifier poised to help them out, although now we have to wonder if Vanth will have some handy enhancements the next time we see him.

But good that he’s going to be alright. Maybe there was a moment between the people of Freetown and Boba where they agreed for Vanth to try to use the Bacta tank to heal for all they did to help him. Or maybe they asked. Whatever the case, Cobb Vanth is clearly still alive (or at least alive enough for them to put him in the tank).

It makes sense, to be quite honest. Killing off Cobb Vanth, after bringing him from Star Wars books into live action, would feel strange, especially since we barely saw him in The Mandalorian and even that garnered lots of fan praise (like me, who is writing this while staring at a Cobb Vanth standee). So, to have him show up and get shot by Cad Bane and die in his second appearance just wouldn’t have felt right.

Luckily, that won’t be the last we see of him. The question now though is: Does Din know that Cobb is alive? Is this just a concern for me because I love them? Probably, but also Din clearly cared enough to talk with the people of Freetown about Cobb, so if he doesn’t know that he’s alive, that’s not really fair, since it was Din who asked Cobb to join them.

I hope this means that we’ll see Cobb in the third season of The Mandalorian and that we’ll get more of him. But I’m just happy that the show didn’t leave us with a shot Cobb in the middle of Freetown and kill him off in a line of dialogue.

Until we know for sure, though, at least we have the knowledge that Boba Fett is letting Cobb use his Bacta tank to heal.

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