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A Hero Called out Harvey Weinstein to His Face and Was Booed for It at an Event He Never Should’ve Been At

Harvey Weinstein.

Do you know what events Harvey Weinstein should most definitely not attend, ever? Ones geared towards young performers, and especially ones where young women are performing. Actor’s Hour, which is supposedly an event meant to help up and coming artists, had Weinstein in attendance this week, and what’s wild about the entire situation is that it was seemingly okay that he stayed, but those who called out his attendance? They had to leave.

Kelly Bachman was one of the only comedians to stand up and call out the elephant in the room. She stood in front of an audience, called out Weinstein to his face (as a rape survivor), and continued to fight through a man telling her to “shut up” and getting booed by Weinstein’s crew.

The story went viral when Amber Rollo posted about the event and started to share the truth about what happened with the performers and how Weinstein was, supposedly, invited by Alexandra Laliberte (the artist who runs Actor’s Hour).

According to Page Six‘s video of Zoe Stuckless, she stood up before Weinstein’s table and loudly exclaimed that no one was saying anything, and she was forced to sit five feet away from a “f**king rapist.” What’s unnerving is the fact that not only is this an event for young actors, the kind that Weinstein has allegedly preyed upon, but the event was clearly targeting those uncomfortable and removing them while Weinstein’s lackey, who called Amber Rollo a “c**t,” was fine to stay.

In a since-deleted “apology,” Actor’s Hour said that they “didn’t know” Weinstein was coming, but … why was he still allowed to stay once he was obviously sitting there? To be honest, if you wanted press, the best way to go about it was to kick Weinstein out, because now, myself (and many on Twitter) will never support the Actor’s Hour event. You value Weinstein over the safety of your performers? Great, not someone I want to associate with.

I know there is a general conversation floating around about “paying their dues” and still having the right to their freedom or whatever other bullshit you want to say but Harvey Weinstein is accused of being a rapist and a disgraced “Hollywood Mogul” (as so many news outlets still insist on calling him), but I have to say, I personally would have called him so much worse to his face if I’d been there, so it’s hard to fault the comparatively civil women who stood up against him.

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